Jakkai Siributr


Today I’m looking at Jakkai Siributr.

2017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr

More specifically, I am looking at Jakkai’s investigation into the uniform. I am thrilled because Jakkai is coming to visit us at Indiana University this fall, and I am getting familiar with his work so that we can welcome him appropriately. He is an IU alum from the textiles department! It’ll be good to have him back.

Right away I am struck by the unusual materials used for embellishment: brightly colored thread with undulating, gestural lines which create chaos across an otherwise tidy-to-the-point-of-sanitary military garment. Fishing web, fluorescent embroidery thread, bullet casings, hand carved dildos–there is variety in the expressive materials used for embellishment of each unique uniform.

His vast body of work is more than uniforms alone, but our eye candy for today:

2017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_022017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_032017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_042017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_052017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_06




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