Theresa Himmer

Installation Art

Today I am looking at Theresa Himmer.


I am interested in giant sequins for an upcoming collaboration, and I came back across the the architectural sequin work of Theresa Himmer. These site-specific, oversized sequin installations aren’t her entire body of work, but I am just taking a quick bite of this work today and getting on with life (such is the case sometimes when you can only carve out ten minutes for your creative research in a busy day!).

A sparkly feast for the eyes:




Ugo Rondinone

Cross Disciplinary, Uncategorized

Today I am looking at Ugo Rondinone.


His name came up on my facebook feed for his haunting show  at the Berkeley Art Museum & Film Archive which featured a number of brightly colored clowns and all of the creepy feelings that come with that icon. When I delved a little further to see what the span of the subject matter of his work expands to beyond clowns I was impressed by this perfectly succinct description from Artsy about the swiss artist:

“Ugo Rondinone’s eclectic work balances on the razor’s edge between euphoria and depression.”

One of the frustrating things about trying to summarize his work quickly is that it is all so vastly different: paintings (both gestural and precise applications of paint), drawings, traditional carved sculpture, brightly colored synthetic sculptures spelling out sentimental statements, the list goes on. A sampling from the man that does it all:


Images and more info at Artsy, Barbara Gladstone, and a quick visual browse here.

Jakkai Siributr


Today I’m looking at Jakkai Siributr.

2017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr

More specifically, I am looking at Jakkai’s investigation into the uniform. I am thrilled because Jakkai is coming to visit us at Indiana University this fall, and I am getting familiar with his work so that we can welcome him appropriately. He is an IU alum from the textiles department! It’ll be good to have him back.

Right away I am struck by the unusual materials used for embellishment: brightly colored thread with undulating, gestural lines which create chaos across an otherwise tidy-to-the-point-of-sanitary military garment. Fishing web, fluorescent embroidery thread, bullet casings, hand carved dildos–there is variety in the expressive materials used for embellishment of each unique uniform.

His vast body of work is more than uniforms alone, but our eye candy for today:

2017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_022017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_032017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_042017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_052017_Jakkai_Credit-Jakkai Siributr_06